Light Travel Trailer

Travel trailers come in two basic classifications – those weighing less than four thousand pounds and those that weigh in excess of four thousand pounds. In the under four thousand pound category, alight travel trailer(or Ultra-light travel trailer)is an increasingly popular model due to the rise in popularity of the SUV. For those looking to pull their new trailer with a minivan, crossover vehicle, SUV or mid-size truck, this may be the RV trailer for you. Many models can be towed by a 6-cylinder vehicle.

While a light travel trailer is smaller and weighs less than other types of conventional trailers, they can still be equipped with a wide variety of amenities including bathroom facilities, a dining area, cooking area, sleeping area and entertainment center.  In addition, parking is less complex with these trailers, as is storage.

A light travel trailer is a less heavy version of a conventional travel trailer. They are still a sturdy option, as the manufacturers use aluminum in the construction of the frame. Also, in order to minimize the weight of the trailer, some manufacturers use slide outs with soft side beds. This type of travel trailers is typically smaller than most conventional travel trailers.

Some travel trailers, in certain conditions, can exhibit a tail-wagging sway on occasion that can make it very uncomfortable for a driver. Make sure that an anti-sway bar is installed, which can help significantly.